...Winter is here and so is Covid-19...keep safe!


Season Has Drawn To A Close

Difficult times invites creative solutions; throughout the summer we were able to hold socially distance member events.

The highlight of the summer season was the Classic Car Drive In at Bicester Heritage where there was over 40 members cars on display.

A big thank you to those members that were able to make the event. 


Members Cars

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Aleem joined the club in September 2020 and is the owner of a number of classics all of which are maintained to an incredibly high standard.

He was born in Port ohef Spain, Trinidad, and came to the UK when I was 1, in 1974. Broad Lane in Tottenham was home for my early childhood where my late father had a West Indian grocers (cutlass used hourly). Apparently as young boy aged 3, toy cars was his thing, so apparently he has never really grown up out out of it!

TVR Tuscan 1970

Nut & Bolt Restoration in 2018, winner of TVR Club 'Best in Show' award at TVR Extravaganza. Ford Essex 3.0ltr engine, she's a lot of fun on the road!

Jaguar E-Type V12 2+2 Auto Series III. 1973

Purchase when he turned 40. His pride and joy which he has no plans to sell, he says, "i'll always own her and some day if my eldest son (Zane) grows up to be a man of integrity, his namesake 1 2ANE might just become his.


TR4 Surrey Top 1963

Truly remarkable example restored in 2001 by an enthusiast upon retirement, and driven (regardless of weather) to 200+ Classic Car shows over the subsequent 17 years (until 2018 when Aleem purchased her), winning 237 Concours awards.

Invicta S1-600

He keeps the year of the car discreet as most admirers assume she's 2020. One of only Seven Invicta S1's in existence and one-of-a-kind 600BHP version. I added the Red Pin-striping detail (and sprayed the wheels and front splitter) for maximum '+@±&§%' appeal two years ago!

Aston Martin DB9 Volante 2006

Aston Racing Green and my daily runner. Fortunately I work a few miles from home, so the 6.0 ltr V12 tank only needs filling once a month.



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